Melt-A-Way is a Florida based company specializing in the development and distribution of  best hemp CBD patches.

Our brand CBDsubside is manufactured at the highest standards and testing process.  All products are 100% pure with no THC.  Every ingredient goes through extensive testing to differentiate it from many of the products in the market.  All products are 100% made in USA. It has already been approved by USA high authorities.

CBDsubside patches are available through our own website, Amazon, and many of your local retailer, Pro-Golf and Tennis Shops, and local spas.

CBDsubside products are made with you in mind.  We are looking for this Miracle discovery to make your life pleasurable without pain, soreness, anxiety and bring calmness to your world.

Not All CBD is created equal. If the competition says a specific MG, ask for an independent test results. We deliver what we say !!!

Our products

Single 40mg CBD Transdermal

Single 40mg CBD Transdermal Patch

3 Pack 40mg CBD

3 Pack 40mg CBD Transdermal Patch

5 pack 40mg CBD

5 Pack 40mg CBD Transdermal Patches

10 Pack 40mg CBD transdermal

10 Pack 40mg CBD Transdermal Patch For Anxiety


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