CBD (Cannabidol) is one of the many components from the hemp (cannabis) plant.
CBD has already grown over 700% in the last 2 years.

Now the Questions?

What is more beneficial:  The Transdermal CBD Patch or Oil ?

The Transdermal CBD Patch

The CBD patch is just like a Band-aid ™.  The tape is infused with CBD.  You adhere the patch to a venous part of your body (wrist, ankle, neck).  Think of this as an IV with no needle or pain.  It allows this miracle discovery to be evenly distributed into your blood stream.

The patch or transdermal avoids your stomach, lungs or any other organ to be affected.  The benefit of CBD  is you get 100% of the full value.  A 40mg patch delivers 40mg of CBD patch into your system.

CBD Patch

Our Patch

 We use a matrix patch, CBD is infused into the matrix of the patch itself, often in the adhesive. When the adhesive comes in contact with your skin, the CBD begins to move from the area of higher concentration into the area of lower concentration (as described in the section below).

The dose of CBD you get depends on the amount of cannabinoid held in the matrix and the size of the patch (i.e., the area of skin it covers).

Matrix Patch

CBD patch has great benefits over many methhods.  It avoids popping pills, dripping under your tongue, rolling on greasy formula or smoking  Transdermal delivery allows a discreet delivery of this new miracle solution with the direct dosage into your system.

Oral Consumption

Oral consumption of CBD is inconsistent through the mouth, whether it’s oil, gummies, pills or vape.  The full content is never fully absorbed into your system.  A 500mg bottle of CBD may only distribute 20mg in the dropper.

Once this is digested and absorbed, your body may only receive 5mg and the balance is eliminated.  Keep in mind that oral consumption involves 1 or many of your organs to process the oil.  Keep in mind the oil is just a carrier and has no benefit.

REMEMBER: the CBD patch gradually releases CBD into your bloodstream.  Other methods quickly enter your system and then quickly disapate.  Due to this many more doses are required to even come close to the patch.  This requires many doses in a short time frame.